Storage Buildings

In the Market for Professional Custom Storage Structures?

Storage can quickly become a costly problem for growing business or those in a transitional period. Offsite storage rentals can provide an immediate solution, but become very costly over time. Onsite storage is a superior option in the long run, giving owners convenient, onsite access to their own stored property without any added expense outside of the structure’s initial purchase. At Oasis Carports, we build and distribute a variety of pre-made and custom storage structures that can make storage problems vanish overnight.

Even if you’re unsure of your specific requirements, Oasis Carports can provide a wide selection of designs and materials to complete any size custom storage structure. Choose from multiple frames, shapes, siding and roof materials, and colors, and select from hundreds of interior and exterior options, including add-on carports and utility areas. Effective storage can lead to organizational efficiencies that can positively impact your bottom line. At Oasis Carports, we can help you transform your onsite storage capability!

Shed Storage Building Pricing

Shed SizeEntrance TypePrice
8 x 8 x 732″ walk-in doorCall for Pricing
8 x 12 x 732″ walk-in doorCall for Pricing
10 x 10 x 78 x 7 roll-up doorCall for Pricing
10 x 12 x 78 x 7 roll-up doorCall for Pricing
12 x 12 x 78 x 7 roll-up doorCall for Pricing
12 x 16 x 78 x 7 roll-up doorCall for Pricing

SHEDS – All have a standard height of 7′ tall unless upgraded to Box-Eave Stle

There is a 6′ overhang on all Standard-Style roofs both front and back ends.

On Boxed-Eave Horizontal and Boxed-Eave Verticle Roof Style there is a 6′ overhand on all four sides of the roof.

  • Walk-in Door – Call for Pricing
  • 30 x 36 Window – Call for Pricing
  • Boxed Eave Style – Call for Pricing

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our custom storage structures or if you would like to place an order for a pre-made or custom structure, we invite you to contact us today!